Woods Board

The Daniel Woods Light up Training Board co-designed with Menagerie/Formik Climbing Owner Andy Raether is now available for pre-order and fully available Winter 2022. Designed with over 20 years of training and spray wall setting experience from Andy Raether and Daniel Woods each the Woods board will get you where you need to be in your climbing. The Woods Board has a Custom-built App that has many features including: Top ten leader board, overall grade-standard/benchmark leaderboard, streamlined setting features, advanced problem search capabilities, proposed grades for problems that have not been sent on all angles, and way way way more to come as well.

Holds and Layout are paramount in the design of the woods Board. The majority of the design went into the crafting of a set of holds that were extremely ergonomic, useful, and interesting. The plastic holds are all dual-text,. Also the texture has been made to be so fine that it is indistinguishable from the wood hold texture. All the feet on the wall can comfortably rather than begrudgingly utilized as hands. The layout while of the utmost importance only took 3 days to get the board to 95% complete. This was because of Andy's 23 years of experience of spray wall and training wall setting experience. with this experience 100% of the wall layout is purpose built to ensure maximum fun, creativity, and training ability for the user. Currently even prior to full availability there are over 300 problems from V0-V14 already on the board with the app supporting 20-70 degree angles. 

in the coming months we will be releasing many photos and videos highlighting both wood and plastic hand holds, the feet, grade standard problems, the logic behind the layout, app features.

Also, because why the hell not. you'll be able to actually choose the color of your plastic holds on the board just like every other hold you've ever bought. 


Andy@menagerieclimb.com for pre-sale information or for me to just talk your ear off about it. you'll have never been so psyched to train!