Climbing is for everybody

Period. It disregards how tall you are, what soda you drink, what your favorite band is or what language you speak. We love and respect how inclusive climbing really is. So to honor climbing’s true spirit we make holds to fit every person’s hand. Your digits will be impressed, and your forearms put to the test.
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Rock Climbing! Rock Climbing!

Leaves you crushin'

Menagerie is here to shape new shapes, make new lines, and climb new climbs. We envision what could exist. We map it in our mind. We have a plan. We execute and are motivated. Our processes and products in turn enable you to motivate at a moment’s notice, like when you were a kid, excited to experience what was around the next corner, every corner. You couldn’t wait. Here turning the corner means finding a unique hold, a unique line, and a unique problem. Now we can’t wait. Let’s grip and pull together. We are all here to climb.

Photo by Michael Portanda

We can't cage these holds

Every block of foam has a hold inside of it—it’s the task of the shaper to unleash it. Menagerie uses a variety of foam blocks just waiting to be shaped. The foam gets roughed up by scrapers, sanders, and saws. Molds are made, polyurethane is poured. Our plastic is strong like you. The result; an aesthetic, functional, and ergonomic product. We focus on these three principles to yield the best.

Our collection is experienced because our shaper is.


Climb like no one is watching

I have an abnormal interest in shapes and I have thought about shapes and climbing holds for the better part of two decades. The idea didn’t start in the garage. It started with a dream after a good day of climbing. My first thought while drifting off was, ‘What holds do I want to climb on?’ That was my problem. I wanted to climb on better holds, fantasy holds. In this fantasy, my mind conjured up new and interesting ways of doing things. Even though fantasy isn’t reality, I had a tiny perceived foam seed to work with. I moved product research to the kitchen for some cereal and strong coffee. Here, I thought about how could I bring places like Hueco Tanks, Red River Gorge, and Fontainbleau inside? Then, I went to work. While working, nobody was telling me what was good or what was bad. I just shaped. When things didn’t work out, I would trash it, go climbing, and sleep on it where the process started all over. And now I’m thinking shapes again.

With much love for you and climbing, climb like no one is watching!

Andy Raether, Founder & Shaper


We've got answers

The big question—do we use polyurethane?
You bet we do! Harder, better, faster, stronger. Menagerie uses an extremely hard Polyurethane material. The reason for this is we want to keep you and your fingers very happy. You will be happy because the holds won’t break. Your fingers… well you’ll see.
Breaking Bad. What if a hold does break?
In the case of a hold breaking do not worry. Menagerie has a 1 year complete warranty on broken holds. Send it back to Habit Climbing and we replace it! Either way let us know about it we do not want broken holds out there. Ever!
We have a special event coming up and we need support. Help us Menagerie Climbing, you're our only hope.
You never know what can be done, and it never hurts to ask. If you, your gym, or organization needs support here are the things we look for: unique, positive, and community driven. Drop us a line.
Color me rad. What if I want all my holds to be the same color?
No problem, it does cost 10% more. Just choose your color and you are set.
Do you offer bulk discounts?
Of course we do. We greatly appreciate all of our customers. Since gyms buy in bulk, Menagerie will offer bulk discount pricing to qualifying accounts. Set up a gym account right here or call us up for more information (952)334-3527.
Any other questions? We want to heal what ails you. Contact Menagerie for questions about holds, setting, or anything really. Don’t be shy.
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